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Mr. Z Plans His Holiday Gift-Giving

Z: I’m going to get you a Christmas present. Guess what it is.

Me: I have no idea.

Z: It starts with a C. And ends with an R.

Me: You’re getting me a car?

Z: No. Guess again.

Me: Colors?

Z: The last two letters are dr.

Me: Um…

Z: It’s electronic.

Me: You’re getting me a computer?

Z: Yes!

Me: Where are you getting a computer from?

Z: I’m going to call Aunt Emma on the phone and ask her to give me one for free. For you.

Me: That’s a very nice idea, but Aunt Emma can’t give you a computer for free.

Z: No, not Aunt Emma, that place she works for.

Me: I get what you’re saying, but still, Apple isn’t going to give Aunt Emma a computer to give to you to give to me for free.

Z: Are you sure?

Me: Pretty sure. It’s a very nice thought, though. What if you just make me one out of paper?

Z: That’s a great idea!

Because really, who needs Apple when you have scissors? Also, I feel compelled to admit, it took 3 or 4 variations on “scissors” to get close enough to the correct spelling that spellcheck could get me the rest of the way there.


Mr. Z in Dublin

Mr. Z visits visits Dublin.  I have no idea what this pose was about. 

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