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Visiting the Banff Gondola in Alberta, Canada

While visiting Canada a few weeks ago, we did as the tourists do, and took a trip up the Banff Gondola to take in the views.

They were pretty great views:


As you can see above, a boardwalk has been constructed to allow visitors to easily mill about and explore the vistas at the top of the gondola.  My mother-in-law is, let’s say, a relatively sedentary person. She was not going to be up for strenuous hiking or extreme conditions.  We were also traveling with a seven-year-old, who, like all seven-year-olds, is prone to great exertions and sudden exhaustion.  This gondola business was an excellent day outing for all involved.

But back to the vistas.  There were many to be had.  For example:



Also, wildlife:


Hey hey!  A bird photo that’s mostly in focus!  You have no idea how monumental an event this is for me, purveyor of bad bird pictures that I am.  I was helped in my endeavor by the fact that this little guy was reasonably tolerant of my attentions.

But, back to the vistas:


That guy in the picture is my hubby/sherpa.  Cutie patootie, amirite?  I guess you’ll have to take my word for it, since he’s mostly obscured by coat and hat.

Anyhoo, here’s a few other pictures of the sorts of things you might see visiting this attraction:

All in all, the gondola trip was a great time and a family friendly outing.  Highly recommended!


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