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Photographing Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, Oakland, California

On Saturday, I went looking for something really, really local to document, because the family was tired of sitting in traffic, after our earlier sojourn into the city.  For those of you non-Northern Californians, there is only one city, and it is San Francisco.

An aside about traffic: WTF, 880 corridor?  If I wanted Los Angeles levels of traffic, I would move to Los Angeles.

Anywho, we decided on the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, in Oakland, California, because it was close to the shipyard that I had intended to photograph, and the weather was nice.


People give Oakland a hard time, but it has a lot of loveliness, even around its massive, industrial shipyard.

The park offers some beautiful views of the city’s skyline:

Also, wildlife!


I will be honest, I hadn’t anticipated wildlife.  I was using a camera that doesn’t exactly specialize in action shots.  Canada geese don’t move very fast, but it appears they move a little too fast for the Fuji.  Next time, the Nikon will come with.

The park also boasts a nifty viewing center, to give you a better vantage on the ships entering and exiting the Port of Oakland.


As you can see, the geese also favor the observatory.

I bet this building is pretty at night, when the lights are on.  Alas, it’s getting light later, and the child turns into a pumpkin way before the sun does at this time of year, so we couldn’t stick around for the show.

The view from the viewing center isn’t too shabby:



All in all, this little local attraction was much more engaging than I had expected.  Shame on me, because again, Oakland’s a hidden gem, and I should know better.  One of these days, I’ll go take pictures of some of Oakland’s fantastic deco architecture.  Stay tuned, sports fans.

And that’s a wrap!




    • There was this infographic floating around for awhile, which showed what “the city” referred to, depending on where you were in the country. I tried to find it but alas, the interwebs failed me. As you might expect, much of the eastern part of the country refers to New York that way. Although Wikipedia tells me that the people of Oklahoma refer to Oklahoma city that way also.

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