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Photographing Lover’s Lane in San Francisco’s Presidio

I have spent every Saturday for the last few months doing as the tourists do.  This means that once a week I drag my spouse, my kid, and occasionally my dog, to visit some local landmark I’ve here-to-for managed to avoid.  In this spirit, I set out to visit the Lover’s Lane trail at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.

The trail winds through roughly a half-mile stretch of Eucalyptus forest.  It’s a pleasant, non-challenging walk with only a mild grade.  Little Dog, who is more of a sprinter than an endurance animal, and more of a couch potato than a sprinter, found it to be very manageable.

I took a bunch of pictures, but only got one I liked.  So this post is going to be pretty short.

Here’s my keeper:


I think it’s not bad, at least in comparison to my other shots, which were overly busy and lacking in focus.  I find photographing groves to be a tricksy business.  It’s easy for the whole place to devolve into a dizzying mess of lines and contrasts.  Observe:

With all that light and shadow, it’s really easy to lose the point entirely, which to me is the path weaving through the trees.

I had a much easier time getting the picture I wanted once the sky became overcast.  Lower level of difficulty, in my opinion.  Fortunately for me, San Francisco prefers its weather on the cloudy side.  Just ask permanent resident, Karl the Fog.

If you ever make your way to the Presidio, take a stroll down Lover’s Lane.  The walk is easy, and the Eucalyptus lovely and serene, even if they aren’t native to California.

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    • Thanks for saying so – I never know whether to put those in or not. Sometimes, I only end up with one good shot, which doesn’t make for much of a post.

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