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Concerning Unexpected Plot Twists

Me: The teacher tells me you had a rough time at lunch today.

Z: Yeah. I lost one of my friends. It made me really sad.

Me: Oh no! What happened?

Z: I just don’t have any idea. Nathan came up to me and told me that Marco didn’t want to be my friend anymore.

Me: That wasn’t very nice.

Z: No, no, it’s okay. I wasn’t mad at Nathan. He was just telling me about it. 

Me: Well, maybe everything will be better on Monday. People have short memories, you know.

Z: It’s already all better.

Me: Oh yeah?

Z: At recess one of my other friends hypnotized Marco and told him to be my friend again and now he is.

Me: Oh. Well, okay then. 

Z: Also, I swallowed my tooth while I was eating.

Editor’s Note:I bet you didn’t see either of those plot twists coming, did you?



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