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Photographing Pier 7 in San Francisco

It turns out – and I’m not kidding, I had no idea either – there’s a Pier 7 in San Francisco.  I dragged my little family out there after a long day to check it out.  Yes, even the dog came, although she stayed in the car, because it was raining and Little Dog cannot be bothered with that sort of nonsense.

Many of the more famous piers in San Francisco have lovely buildings in front of them demarcating their location.  Pier 7 does not have such a building.  When we showed up at the intersection, in the dark and the rain, my husband looked at me and said, “Are you sure there’s a Pier 7?  Because I see a Pier 5, and I see a Pier 9, and there’s nothing in between.”

Fortunately for our marital relations, Pier 7 really is a thing.  The internet did not lie to me.  Here’s the shot most people come for:


It’s a picture-perfect view, complete with vanishing point perspective, of the pier leading towards the Transamerica Pyramid.  It’s almost like they planned it that way.

This wasn’t the only nifty shot to be had, however.

Who knew?  I certainly did not know.  And it was less crowded than the more famous piers, which is always a plus.  The rain probably helped in that regard.


Take a moment to appreciate the funky smears in this picture where I tried and failed to wipe the water off my filter.  I would just like to point out, though, that I remembered to put my filter on, because rain.  This may be a first for me.  I may or may not have remembered to do it right away.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.

And that’s Pier 7!  You can find it conveniently located between Pier 5 and Pier 9.  But without the fancy signage.


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