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13217122_10206261113742479_4118418514981113104_oDale Tremont is the online alter-ego of Kimber Rudo.  Kimber is a vintage dancer, performer and researcher, who collects primary sources regarding dances of the 19th and 20th centuries on her blog Fascinating Rhythms. When not blogging, Ms. Tremont directs The Academy of Danse Libre, an organization specializing in the reproduction of vintage dances.

For more information on Danse Libre:

Young man pro professional photographer with big lens camera. Passion, extreme risk, pose. Isolated on white background.

Charlie is Rusty’s photographing alter-ego. His (somewhat outdated) systems of choice are a Nikon D700, and a Fuji X-Pro 1.  Charlie sees little point to upgrading further until he get better.  He’s still pretty remedial.





Cat Flying With Sheaf Of Balloons

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

The Satisfied Cat answers to no one but his own, (nearly) insatiable curiosity.  He has offered to share his findings, should the spirit move him.  We shall see how often it does.

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