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Obligatory Plug: Alma Deutscher’s Cinderella


Orchestra pit at Opera San Jose.  Photo @ C. Wright.

And now for a shameless Obligatory Plug: I am dancing in Opera San Jose’s production of Alma Deutscher’s opera Cinderella.  You should come see it if you are in town and are able to procure a ticket.  The production values are high, the music is pretty, and the leads are top notch.

2017-12-13 18.50.26_preview

The lady dancers.

It has been a lovely experience that has, sadly, put a crimp in my blogging.  I normally prefer not blog about dance, but as this production has completely monopolized my time lately, we must make do with what what we have.

2017-12-13 19.01.10_preview

With one of the chorus gentlemen.  He has a lovely voice.  I would know – I stand next to him during the singing of the anthem at the ball.  The dancers have been asked to please, please refrain from singing.  We oblige.

Alma Deutscher, for those of you who have not heard of her, is a musical child prodigy.  She has written an opera based upon the Cinderella fairy tale that has been performed in several locations throughout the world, and is now making its North American debut with Opera San Jose.  You can read a review of our production here.



Dancers in a row, in the industrial bowels of the opera hosue.  Photo @ J. Walton.

I have never danced in an opera before, and am not very knowledgeable about the art form.  I will say that opera seems to be a more static experience than, say, musical theater.  I assume this is related to the fact that opera singers do not use microphones, and must therefore channel most of their body’s resources towards the creation of sound rather than movement.  Or so I suppose.  I don’t know.  I’m not a singer.

2017-12-13 19.14.22_preview

With one of the choreographers.

Which is my way of saying that I do very little actual dancing in this production, and function mostly as set dressing.  C’est la vie.

Still, I get to wear a pretty dress, a fancy mask, and a downright fabulous wig, while rubbing elbows with some truly sensational singers, and hanging out with some of my friends.  Not a bad day’s work.

2017-12-13 19.00.33_preview

With my partner.  He also has a pretty fabulous wig.

So, there you have it.  Shameless Plug.  You have the rest of the week to see this beautiful production before it disappears into the ether.


Alma plays the organ. 




  1. Tim

    I caught the live streaming of the December 20 performance on I expected it to be special, and it is. I have been following Alma for several years, and consider her compositions to date to eclipse (in quality if not quantity) that of any other preteen in history. Cinderella does not need any qualifications like “brilliant for a 12-year-old”. It probably does receive more attention because of Alma’s age, but is a fantastic composition for anyone of any age. I believe it is going to become part of the regular repertoire, especially when trying to target child audiences (as the Vienna State Opera is planing to do shortly).

    • I’m glad you got to see the live stream performance! I agree that this is an excellent production for child audiences. The story is age appropriate, easy to follow, light hearted and funny. The opening night audience was filled with little girls (and their parents, of course), which I think was both lovely and profound.

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