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Who is training who, anyway?

Z: Sit, Little Dog.

Little Dog: Yeah, no.

Z: Sit.

Little Dog: No.

Z: Sit, sit, sit!

Little Dog: No, no, no.

Z: Okay, how about shake?

Little Dog: For real?

Z: Shake, girl, shake!

Little Dog: You mean, like in the movies?

Z: Look. You hold up your paw, and I hold up my hand…

Little Dog: Holy cow, this is cute. I mean, I’m not going to do it or anything, but I love hearing you ask.

Z: Shake!

Little Dog: Say it again, little human!

Z: Shake!

Little Dog: One more time!

Z: Shake!

Me: What’s going on out here?

Z: I’m teaching Little Dog tricks!

Little Dog: I’m teaching little human to repeat himself!

Z: Shake!

Little Dog: Say it again!

Z: Shake!

Little Dog: Ha ha!

Z: I think she’s learning something!

Little Dog: I think he’s getting the hang of it!

Me:   I think I’m going back to my internet surfing.

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