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Throwback Thursday: Reliving The Best Day of Big Dog’s Life

I was feeling down this week, and my hubby sent me a series of short videos about capybaras being adorable.  In case you’ve never come across one of these creatures, here you go:

It seems a capybara is a charming, mellow, 140 pound rodent that you can keep as a pet in places like Texas.  There is literally no good reason to live in Texas, but if there were to be one, the ability to have a capybara as a pet would rate.

You know what kind of rodent is a lot less cute, and a whole lot meaner?  A Norwegian sewer rat.  We had one come up through our toilet one time.  True story.  People think that kind of thing is an urban legend, but I’m hear to tell you it really happens, and is every bit as disgusting as you might imagine.

We also had a sewer rat come in through a vent in the laundry room.  This unfortunate creature was the catalyst for one of the best day’s of Big Dog’s life.  You can read about it here:

In which Big Dog demonstrates her specialized skill set.

via The Best Day of Big Dog’s Life — Whistling Far and Wee

Miss you, Big Dog.


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