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The Room Where it Rains Food

Little Dog: What are we doing, Big Dog?

Big Dog: We are doing nothing.

Little Dog: What are you doing?

Big Dog: I am waiting for it to rain food.

Little Dog: No way! That’s a thing?

Big Dog: Only in this room. This room is a special room.

Little Dog: I had no idea the dining room was so magical.

Big Dog: The most magical corner is this one, by the little human.

Little Dog: Food just falls from the sky?

Big Dog: Rain is what you call things that fall from the sky, Little Dog.

Little Dog: My bad. You know, if you look up, there’s food everywhere on this flat thing.

Big Dog: Stop distracting me.

Little Dog: Yeah, but if you just look up here…

Big Dog: You talk too much.

Little Dog: Okay, well, while we’re waiting for the rain to start, I’m just going to snuffle some stuff off the flat surface.

Me: Stop it, Little Dog.

Little Dog: Alternately, the little human keeps smearing it all over his pants.

Z: Look! Little Dog loves me!

Little Dog: I love your pants.

Me: Z, pay attention to what you’re doing!

Z: Oops!

Me: Dang it, Z!

Big Dog: It’s raining! It’s raining!

Little Dog: Holy cow! Just like you said!

Big Dog: I know of what I speak.


  1. Smearing food on your pants…..I do that sometimes. Maybe that’s why my cat likes me so much.

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