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The Perils of Only Having One Dog Bed

Little Dog: I want the dog bed.

Me: Big Dog is already in it.

Little Dog: Make her move.

Me: No.

Little Dog: Please?

Me: No.

Little Dog: Pretty please?

Me: Wait your turn.

Little Dog: But I waaaaant it. I waaaaaaant it. I waaaaaaaaaaaant….

Big Dog: You can have it.

Me: Can we have some quiet now?

Little Dog: Quiet is for pansies. I have the dog bed. I have it. It’s mine. It’s mine until I leave and I’m never going to leave.

Me: Gloating is unattractive, Little Dog.

Little Dog: Whatever.

Big Dog: Please scratch my ears, nice lady.

Me: Sure.

Big Dog: I love it when you scratch my ears.

Little Dog: Wait a minute…

Big Dog: Also, under my collar.

Little Dog: Come to the dog bed and scratch under my collar!

Me: Is that the spot?

Big Dog: It is. That is a good spot.

Little Dog: Come over and pet me!

Big Dog: So good.

Little Dog: I CAN’T STAND IT! Pet me pet me pet me pet me!

Me: Get off the couch.  Also, wait your turn.

Big Dog: It is okay.

Little Dog: Ha ha!  Do you see this, Big Dog? Do you see how much attention I’m getting right now? Where’d Big Dog go?

Big Dog: I am in the dog bed.

Little Dog: Wait a minute…


Big Dog smiles for the camera.


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