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Missing Big Dog

Little Dog: Have you seen Big Dog? I found this sock that I want to show her.

Me: I’m sorry, Little Dog, Big Dog is gone.

Little Dog: Gone where?

Me:  She had a problem with her brain.

Little Dog: But yesterday she was fine.

Me: I know.

Little Dog: Her brain was fine. We had a whole talk about the mailman, and dinner, and…well, now that I think about it, that’s all we talked about. But that’s all we ever talk about.

Me: Big Dog did have narrowly defined interests.

Little Dog: She did then attack me for no reason.

Me: That’s the brain thing.

Little Dog:   I have no one to show my sock to. What’s the point of having a sock, if there’s no one to show it to?

Me:  I guess you could wear it.

Little Dog: Would you like to see my sock?

Me: It’s my sock.

Little Dog: Here, look at it.

Me: It’s a very nice sock.

Little Dog: This is where you’re supposed to try to take it from me, and we tussle over it. That’s what Big Dog would do.

Me: Well, I am going to take my sock back, but there won’t be any tussling over it. Because it’s my sock.

Little Dog: This just isn’t the same.

Me: I know.

Little Dog: I mean, Big Dog always won, but the playing was the best part.

Me: I know.

Little Dog: The thing about Big Dog…

Me: I know.

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  1. It is always hard to watch the other animals adjust to a loss, but it also reminds me of their resiliency-I am glad that Little Dog is there for you-

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