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Little Dog and Z Work Through Some Stuff


Me: What’s that? What’s going on?

Z: Little Dog tried to nip me!

Little Dog: Do or do not.  There is no try.

Me: Why do you have to do things like that, Little Dog?

Little Dog: It’s funny.

Me: It’s mean.

Little Dog: Mostly it’s funny.

Me: You need to stop harassing the child.

Little Dog: I’m not really nipping him. More like putting my mouth near him. You know how melodramatic he can be.

Me: It makes him shriek.

Little Dog: That’s the best part.

Me: And run away.

Little Dog: So amusing.

Me: Look, if you keep this up, Big Dog might get involved. You know how Big Dog feels about the child.

Little Dog: She doesn’t like to share.

Me: Remember what happened the last time?

Little Dog: Big Dog thumped me.

Me: I can’t hear you.

Little Dog: Big Dog thumped me.

Big Dog: So amusing.



  1. I am very sorry about your Ripley and for the guilt you are feeling in having to euthanize her. I think we all feel some guilt whenever we have to put down a furbaby, no matter the circumstance. It does indeed sound like she had something off in her brain, maybe a tumor, maybe dementia, and that you likely gave her the only route to peace she would have. Condolences on your loss and I hope you will return to the catharsis of your writing soon. T

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