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Little Dog Self-Entertains: The Webcomic

Once again, my artist-for-hire came through.  Her handle is skittlesrequiem.  She can be found on Fiverr, a website set up to connect visual artists with everyday people like me.  This week’s comic required a little more instruction than usual, and was maybe not as funny as I would like.  I think this had more to do with the script than it did with Ms. Skittles’ work.  I didn’t write these with accompanying art in mind.  Sometimes, like this time, it shows.

Here’s the comic itself:

dog_comic3 (2)

For point of reference, here was the rough draft.  I asked her to change the part about literally going into the kitchen, but in retrospect, I don’t know if that was the right decision.  As I’ve said, I’m not a visual artist:

dogs3_sketch (1)

And here’s the script, which was originally published on Whistling Far and Wee on October 13 as “On the Importance of Picking Your Battles:”

Me: How did this water get all over the hardwood?

Little Dog: Me. I did that.

Me: You don’t even like water.

Little Dog: Not strictly true. I like the splooshing sound it makes when it hits the floor.

Me: You realize that when I step in it my socks get soggy.

Little Dog: You realize that when you walk across the floor in your wet socks it makes an intriguing splooshing sound.

Me: Look, Dog…

Little Dog: Let me show you how it’s done. First, you fill your mouth up with water. Then, you slowly walk across the dining room, letting it drool out in as many places as possible. Rinse and repeat.

Me: Dog…

Little Dog: Great game, right? Let’s do it again.

Me: I will move the water bowl further into the kitchen. I know how you feel about the kitchen.

Little Dog: My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me. That’s Thomas Hardy.

Me: No, that’s Jane Austen. Wait, what are you doing now?

Little Dog: I might be climbing up onto the table to see if the child left any food there. Maybe. I don’t know.

Me: Dude.

Little Dog: Or I could be making a play for your hat. So crunchy and delicious.

Me: Go back to drooling water all over the floor.

Little Dog: I knew you’d end up seeing it my way.

What do we think, readers?  Are the visuals an improvement?  Am I wasting my money?  Please, let me know!

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