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Little Dog is Dissatisfied

Me: Please stop making that noise.

Little Dog: I am dissatisfied.

Me: I would like to sleep.

Little Dog: This is what dissatisfies me.

Me: It’s 4:00 in the morning.

Little Dog: I think if we could just get closer, I would feel better.

Me: That’s what Big Dog is for.

Little Dog: Big Dog is hiding under the bed.

Me: Wait, why?

Big Dog: There is something on the ceiling.

Me: You mean the fan?

Big Dog: I do not like it.

Me: It won’t hurt you, Big Dog, I promise.

Big Dog: You’re a nice lady, but I don’t trust you.

Me: Little Dog, maybe you could get under the bed with Big Dog.

Little Dog: You know how I feel about enclosed spaces.

Me: Okay, well, Big Dog, maybe you would feel better sleeping next to Little Dog’s crate.

Big Dog: There is something on the ceiling. I do not like it.

Little Dog: I guess we’re at an impasse. But hey, good news – we’re all awake, and we’ve got an hour before Z gets up. This gives us lots of time to talk politics, or the weather, or movies, or …

Me: I am so dissatisfied.


Little Dog, dissatisfied. 

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