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Little Dog Finds a Hobby

Little Dog: Hey, where’d everybody go?

Me: They went to bed.

Little Dog: I’m bored.

Me:  I don’t know what to tell you.

Little Dog:  What are you doing?

Me: I’m watching the Great British Baking Show.

Little Dog:  In the middle of the night.

Me:  Yeah.

Little Dog: Is it live or something?

Me: This season first aired four years ago.

Little Dog:  So not live.

Me:  No.

Little Dog:  Did I mention I’m bored?


Me:  Sounds like you need a hobby.

Little Dog:  Great idea!

Me:  Thanks.


Little Dog:  Maybe I could get into chewing power cords.  As a hobby.

Me:  Yeah, no.

Little Dog:  You’re right.  I’ve already reached the top of my cord-chewing game.  There’s nowhere left to go, really.

Me:  Best stop while you’re ahead.

Little Dog:  I also enjoy disemboweling Z’s stuffed animals.

Me: Vetoed.

Little Dog:  Or we could share a hobby.  For example, we could watch cooking shows.  In the middle of the night.

Me: It’s a baking show.


Little Dog: It could be a thing we do together is all I’m saying.

Z: Mommy? Is that you out there?

Me: Z, what are you doing up?

Z: I had to use the bathroom. Why are you awake?

Me:  I’m watching a baking show.

Little Dog:  It’s our new thing.

Z:  You don’t bake, mommy.

Me:  I could start.

Z: If you don’t go to bed, you’ll get sick.

Me: I’m okay.

Z: It’s not good for you.

Me: You’re right, little rabbit.

Z: Someone should make you go to bed.

Me: Go back to sleep now.

Z: Will you go to bed if I go to bed?

Me: Yes.

Z: Do you promise?

Me: I promise.

Z: Goodnight, Mommy.

Me: Goodnight, Z.

Little Dog: So staying up late is bad for you?

Me: That’s just a thing I tell the kid.

Little Dog: And someone should make you go to bed?

Me: Why are you still here?

Little Dog: Because things are looking up.

Me: How’s that?

Little Dog: I think I just found my new hobby.  And, bonus!  It’s something we can do together.



*For more on Little Dog’s new hobby, check out Little Dog Escalates.



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