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Little Dog and the Smoothie

Little Dog: Mmmm, tasty.

Me: What the what, Little Dog?

Little Dog: Is that Mega Mango maybe?

Me: That’s my smoothie, is what that is.

Little Dog: Apples n’ Greens?

Me: Kale-ribbean breeze.

Little Dog: I see what they did there. Kale and Caribbean.  That’s what they call a play on words.

Me: Stop changing the subject.

Little Dog: You can’t even taste the kale, you know.

Me: The point is you should ask before you put your mouth on something that doesn’t belong to you.

Little Dog: But I do it all the time.

Me:  I’m aware.

Little Dog: By asking me to restrict my sensory input, you’re limiting my greater understanding of the world.

Me: I’m just asking you to limit your sensory understanding of my smoothie.

Little Dog: Also, I’m color blind, which means it’s necessary for me to overcompensate with my other senses.

Me: You’re really pulling out all the stops.

Little Dog: Is it working?

Me: No. Wait, stop that! What did I just say?

Little Dog: Just having another go at the kale.  It’s a complex flavor profile.


  1. HAHA – Love it! 🙂 I was pretty surprised when my pooch figured out she could get some smoothie out of my straw – not slurping it exactly but a taste. Bleh. They’re conniving 🙂

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