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Little Dog Brainstorms the Evening’s Entertainment

Little Dog: So what are we going to do tonight?

Me: Well, J is out of town, so I was thinking I’d…

Little Dog: Party hardy?

Me: …sit on the couch

Little Dog: And do what?

Me: Uh, maybe watch a movie.

Little Dog: That’s it?

Me: I might pet Big Dog.

Big Dog: This is a good plan.

Little Dog: No it’s not. It’s not a good plan. It’s a boring plan. I hate this plan.

Me: Well, what do you have in mind?

Little Dog: We could chew up a document of unknown importance.

Big Dog: Sounds fun.

Little Dog: Or pull stuffing from the dog bed and spread it across the living room.

Big Dog: Good plan.

Little Dog: Or maybe bark hysterically. Just for scuz.

Big Dog: I like to bark.

Me: I’m sorry, dogs, I’m going to have to veto all of these ideas.

Little Dog: What’s wrong with them?

Me: They’re bad.

Little Dog: No, they’re good ideas. Big Dog likes them. You like my ideas, don’t you Big Dog?

Big Dog: I do. I like your ideas.

Me: Big Dog, what do you think about eating some eggshells?

Big Dog: Are they crunchy?

Me: Yep.

Big Dog: Great plan.

Little Dog: That proves nothing.

Me: Big Dog, how do you feel about jumping off a cliff?

Big Dog: Will you jump with me?

Me: You bet.

Big Dog: Sounds fun.

Little Dog: She’s just humoring you because you feed her.

Me: Big Dog, want to go camping?

Big Dog: I like camping.

Me: We could go right now. Just picture it, Big Dog: you, me, Z, and Little Dog, sleeping on the ground in the great outdoors, surrounded by night noises, brisk air and a sky full of stars.

Little Dog: This is a bridge too far.

Me: What do you say, Big Dog?

Big Dog: I love camping.

Little Dog: Or we could just watch television.

Me: Also an option.

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