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Big Dog Thinks Deep Thoughts

Me: Whatcha thinking about, Big Dog?

Big Dog: Food.

Me: Anything else?

Big Dog: The mailman.

Me: It’s midnight.

Big Dog: Also, food.

Little Dog: Maybe we should go to bed. That’s one step closer to sleep, which takes us to tomorrow, which is when breakfast happens.

Big Dog: Breakfast?

Little Dog: You know.

Big Dog: No.

Little Dog: Dinner in the morning.

Big Dog: I would like dinner, please.

Me: Not to repeat myself, Big Dog, but it’s midnight.

Big Dog: Then I will wait for the mailman. I hate him.

Little Dog: Her.

Big Dog: I will get you mailman. One day, I will get you.

Little Dog: Or we could go to bed. Which is one step closer to tomorrow. Because, let’s face it, we could be waiting a long time for the actual mailman.

Me: True that.

Hiking with Big Dog and Little Dog

That time I tried to get Big Dog and Little Dog to both look at the camera at the same time. In this picture, neither of them look at the camera. It’s sort of the same thing.

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