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Big Dog Has a Secret

Me: Big Dog, what are you doing?

Big Dog: Nothing.

Me: I can see you. You’re doing something.

Big Dog: I am. You found me. I am doing something. But you cannot tell Little Dog.

Me: Okay.

Big Dog: I am burying my bone.

Me: In the hall?

Big Dog: It is a most wonderful bone.

Me: I don’t get it.

Big Dog: I am burying my most wonderful bone under the hall rug. Don’t tell Little Dog. Or Z. Or J. But mostly Little Dog.

Me: Um, okay.

Little Dog: Hey hey! Party in the hall! What’s the word, hummingbirds?

Big Dog: Nothing. There are no words.

Little Dog: Wait, where are you going?

Big Dog: I am going to wait for the mailman.

Little Dog: She came three hours ago.

Big Dog: I hate you, mailman.

Little Dog: So, what were you guys talking about?

Me: Big Dog swore me to secrecy.

Little Dog: She’s been burying bones under the hall rug again, hasn’t she?

Me: … Maybe.

Little Dog: Sometimes, I take one of the other thirty bones in this house, and swap it out with the one under the hall rug. Just for shits and giggles, you know?

Me: Never noticed?

Little Dog: Mostly, she forgets they’re even there.  Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I don’t think Big Dog is very smart.


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