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Big Dog Describes Her First Experience with the Dog Trainer to Little Dog. Little Dog is Underwhelmed.

Little Dog: So where have you been, Big Dog?

Big Dog: Out.

Little Dog: Out where?

Me: We’ve been with the dog trainer.

Little Dog: Ooooh, exotic!

Big Dog: It was much fun.

Me: Big Dog is working on improving herself.

Little Dog: I am jealous!

Big Dog: You should be.

Little Dog: So what did you do?

Big Dog: I walked.

Little Dog: Walked?

Big Dog: Up and down the street. Many times.

Little Dog: Um, okay. That sounds…

Big Dog: Fun. It was fun.

Little Dog: Sure, fun, right. And then what?

Big Dog: Then we ran up and down the street.

Little Dog: No kidding.

Big Dog: Sometimes backwards.

Little Dog: Huh.

Big Dog: Many times.

Little Dog: Anything else?

Big Dog: I jumped up on a bench.

Little Dog: You jumped on a bench.

Big Dog: At the park. I jumped up. I jumped down. I jumped up. I jumped down. I jumped…

Little Dog: But why?

Big Dog: Why?

Little Dog: Yeah, why?

Big Dog: Because.

Little Dog: Because why?

Big Dog: There is no why to jumping on benches.

Me: Like Yoda says, Little Dog…

Little Dog:  Do or do not, there is no why?

Big Dog:  Yes!

Little Dog:  That’s not how that goes, and also, WTF.

Me:  It’s all about your mindset.

Little Dog: So I wouldn’t like this dog trainer business, is what you’re saying.

Me: Probably not.

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